Muppet Purgatory

Time: April 21, 2018 at 02:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Shiffman 216, Shiffman 217

Event Staff


News Flash! Tragedy struck the Muppet Theater yesterday. All of the Muppets were found dead by police. Reports from first responders are grim.

"There were furry bits, felt, and googly eyes everywhere," said Frank Handle the Fire Chief for Unit 36.

Officials have said that it is not immediately clear what caused the mass fatalities. An investigation is underway by police and government officials, and unconfirmed sources have indicated that the FBI, CDC, and NEST units are all involved.

The area surrounding Muppet Theater has been cordoned off and the media has not been let in. It is a horrible day for theater goers everywhere. Although one elderly gentleman interviewed nearby stated that "Perhaps now we can get some good entertainment in this city. It was like some kind of torture to have to watch that show."


The entire cast and crew of the Muppet Show were killed in a tragically hillarious accident. Now they are stuck in Purgatory awaiting Judgement. But the disposition of their souls does not rest upon their earthly deeds. No. They must perform for their salvation. God and Satan are watching.

Muppet Purgatory is a 4 hour long low-plot, high-roleplaying game. The primary focus is not on winning your plots by defeating your opposition (although there is a little bit of that.) The main focus of the game is creating and acting out interesting and ridiculous situations. The majority of characters will perform in at least one improv skit, and many characters will perform in several. Bystanders are welcome to sit in the audience and watch the skits.

(People who have played the game before are invited to app to play as Horde characters or NPCs, though preference will be given to those who have not played before)


17 attendees
3 open slots: 3/20

Craig Fox
Nick "Nick" Milano
Pete "Patch" Vander Giessen
Michael Galvin
Diana "Diana" Hsu
Ace "Ace" Tayloe
Nicholas "Nick" Bombard
Emily "Pink" Baum
Jessica "Jes" N
Tess de Rham
Dawn "Sendaylen" Daigneault
Theresa Sullivan
"Sophie Pounds"
Sami Genstein
Will Fergus
Melanie "Tyrwll" Saunders
Rain Wiegartner
Marsha Gershon
Kim "Skyros" Hosty
Jeremey "Jeremey" Arnold